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Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Film Fan Perspective! This blog is dedicated to the study, review, and discussion of films/motion pictures/movies (however you prefer to say it), trailers, and film-related news. I am not affiliated with any newspaper, magazine, or other form of media. I’m simply a big fan of the movies, and I like to talk and write about them. I have strong opinions that certainly border on arrogance, but I definitely invite criticism of my ‘work’ on a civil level. There won’t be any Pulitzer-winning material on this blog, so keep that in mind. As for training, I can only say that I had a theater class in college, reviewing a number of plays, and learning about the structure of criticism through that process, and admittedly leeching off great film writers of our time. In essence, I know I’m not great at it, but I certainly think I have a thoughtful point of view.

Each week, I’ll review a different movie, whether it be new in theaters or new to me. From time to time, I’ll review films from the past, and hopefully I’ll compile enough reviews to amass a searchable ‘database’ in the future. For now, however, baby steps. To quote David 8 (and likely others) in ‘Prometheus’, big things have small beginnings.
Thank you in advance for reading. Movies are a passion of mine, and I’ve wanted to explore the hobby of review and criticism for a long time. I’d love it if you joined me in the discussion.


Josh Adams
The Film Fan Perspective


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