Trailer Reviews 8/2/13- “Out of the Furnace”, “The World’s End”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”

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Here are another set of trailer reviews for your viewing pleasure today!  (Technically, I watched these in the past few weeks, but the last trailer review was a wee bloated)

“Out of the Furnace”– While I’m tempted to say I’ll see anything with Christian Bale in it, I’m hesitant with this latest.  Director Scott Cooper (“Crazy Heart”) brings us this tale of a man (Bale) avenging his brother’s death when the law men can’t (or won’t?) bring the responsible to justice.  That sounds rather straight-forward, and it is.  In fact, it’s so straight forward and familiar that I was immediately reminded of a British indie-noir film entitled “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” with Clive Owen, Charlotte Rampling, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.  Despite the talent involved, that film wasn’t as gripping as it should have been, but maybe “Furnace” can capture what was missing in that.  Woody Harrelson appears to be the main ‘baddie’, and if he’s as effective at making me hate him as he usually is, I suppose there’s a reason to see this version of the same story.  “Out of the Furnace” arrives  December 6th, 2013, in time for Oscar season, but I honestly can’t imagine this having any more resonance than the various other versions of this same story ever had.

“The Wolf of Wall Street”– To be honest, the last thing I really want to see is another movie about an incredibly privileged, good looking guy learning a lesson after he’s already trashed countless lives, the filmmaker all but asks us to empathize for the character. That being said, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio have a spirited history of working together (“The Departed”, “The Aviator”, “Gangs of New York”), and the result is generally positive.  The trailer itself is quite solid, with an excellent speech by none other than Matthew McConaughey.  If that speech, in it’s ‘truthful silliness’, embodies the tone of this film, then I’m on board.  If this is just another “Wall Street” or “The Sopranos”, count me out.   This arrives on November 15th, 2013.

“The World’s End”–  Filmmaker Edgar Wright and fellow chums Simon Pegg and Nick Frost complete their ‘Cornetto’ trilogy (whatever that means) with this genre-bending comedy.  In a similar vein to “Shaun of the Dead”, the story appears to be rather straightforward, with individuals experiencing real life events, and then the unreal takes place.  In this case,  a group of friends decides they’re finally going to complete the grand pub crawl they’ve wanted to do since they were younger.  In the midst of that, aliens or monsters, or whatever unidentifiable creatures that were in the trailer appear, and suddenly a grand pub crawl turns into a fight for survival.  Think of it as “Shaun of the Dead” meets “This Is The End”, but set in England.  That sounds like fun, if not great.  See it August 23rd, 2013.


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