New Trailer Reviews- 7/21-7/27

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Good morning, everyone!  This week brought forth a great many new trailers, which I haven’t reviewed in some time.  Let’s amend that now:


The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby:  It’s difficult to find a love story in theaters without bumping into young adult adaptations or Nicholas Sparks’ B-Sides.  Alas, we may be up for a treat with this, if the trailer is any indication.  Jessica Chastian and James McAvoy star as lovers.  This isn’t your standard love story, however, and appears to borrow from the broader theme of perception from films like “Sliding Doors”.  This literally seems to be two separate stories- from Chastain’s and McAvoy’s point of view.  It’s an interesting experiment in the examination of relationships, with two leads that are immensely capable.  With an excellent backing song in the trailer (that I cannot identify as of yet), it looks rather incredible, and built quite a buzz at film festivals.  Co-starring Viola Davis, Bill Hader, and William Hurt, this arrives in theaters (hopefully everywhere) September 26, 2014.

Fifty Shades of Grey: I’m sure that somehow, this film, based on the infamous novel, will hold deep resonance with female crowds.  I, however, could care less.  I have sincere doubts that the film, despite the buzz surrounding it, will truly break any new ground, nor do I believe it will inspire rational discussion amongst couples about exploring sexuality.  Instead, I wonder what the purpose for this entire project is, but I had better hold my tongue, lest I invite criticism from those in love with the books/the idea of the books.  If nothing else, the film seems to look nice, and promises to make everyone uncomfortable/hot and bothered.   It is, after all, the most watched trailer of the year thus far, even shy of a week old.  Starring the wooden-looking Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, “Fifty Shades” opens on February 14, 2015.  How exciting.  Oh wait- the trailer advertised a new version of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”?!?!  Well NOW I’m interested.  (Vomit)

Nightcrawler:   If you ask me, Jake Gyllenhaal can do anything.  “Enemy” is one of the better films of the past ten years, dumbfounded audiences notwithstanding.  In “Nightcrawler”, he’s playing a slimy-looking investigative reporter that just might also be a completely insane serial killer.  Gyllenhaal absolutely exudes charisma/creepiness in this trailer, and one must give him credit for being daring- after all, not many actors in their prime would consistently look for smaller, riskier projects like he does.  At some point, I would have to think that he’ll get recognized on a broader level through the Academy, but that’s not necessarily important.  “Nightcrawler” arrives in theaters (I imagine in a smaller capacity) on October 17th, 2014.

Young Ones: It says something about the state of post-apocalyptic films that when I watched this trailer, I saw right past that aspect and focused on a number of good-looking, talented actors talking about irrigation.  That’s almost as exciting as “Star Wars” trade disputes.  Sure, there’s more going on here than just water problems, for Michael Shannon again appears to be emotionally torn, Elle Fanning really wants her man but can’t have him, Nicholas Hoult looks a bit seedy as an inventor/suitor, and it takes place in something of a dust bowl.  Oh, and Shannon guzzles gas at one point.  I’m sure there will be plenty of style, but I’m not entirely sold on the substance for “Young Ones”, opening October 17th, 2014.

Sharknado 2: The Second One:  There’s something almost noble about SyFy’s attempt to beat our collective intelligences into submission.  After all, the first “Sharknado” film last year was so immensely popular that they tried a theatrical release.  It comes as no surprise that they would drink from our vast well of stupidity for another go around.  No matter how you approach this ‘film’, as ‘fun’ as this concept may be, or how much delight we could take in the cheesy, “C” movie material, I cannot get past the thought of water creatures existing, much less attacking, without being able to breathe.  Science, entertainment, and culture will take a break for two hours starting  July 30th, 2014 (tomorrow).

Tusk: Kevin Smith.  A man that I respect, enjoy listening to, and should appreciate more, has made a horror film about a man (Michael Parks) so obsessed with the walrus that he wants to turn people into them.  If that seems odd, watch this trailer and believe.  Parks is that guy, a chameleon of an actor simply chewing the scenery.  Is it a genre film?  Possibly, but it might also simply be a fantastically weird character study.  What a magnificent trailer.  Add the fact that hit-maker studio A24 is making this, and I’m completely on board, despite my problems with other Kevin Smith films.  “Tusk”, co-starring Justin Long, Genesis Rodriguez, and Haley Joel Osment (yes, him) opens September 19th, 2014.

The Death of Superman Lives- What Happened:  Does anyone remember the failed Superman film of the late 1990’s?  Tim Burton was far into the process of directing a Superman movie with Nicolas Cage as Kal-El.  I kid you not.  That part doesn’t interest me- what does is the story behind its’ failure, and this documentary promises to reveal the larger story surrounding one of the bigger films that never was.  The trailer also shows Cage in costume, with longer hair, and some spectacular test footage, along with excellent concept art.  From the early drafts by the aforementioned Kevin Smith, and the seeming lack of interest from Burton, I’m pumped.  As of now, this doc has no release date, as it was entirely crowd-funded, and now needs more money.

 Hot Tub Time Machine 2:  2010’s original was a surprisingly funny comedy, playing coy with our sense of 1980’s nostalgia with a wry sense of itself.  John Cusack was a big part of that, which makes his absence from this trailer appear even more glaring.  Director Steve Pink has worked with Cusack multiple times, including the original, further adding to the discussion of why Cusack isn’t here.  Regardless, this trailer is extremely funny; but one must worry that Craig Robinson can hold up the film all by himself.  Co-stars Rob Corddry, Clark Duke, and Adam Scott often wear out their welcomes quickly on-screen.  “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” is well-placed for counter programming on Christmas Day.



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