30 Years, 30 Oscars: Ranking the Best Picture Winners, 1984-2013

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shakespearedepartedreturn of the kingsilence lambsunforgivenbraveheartdancesno country
Film critic Sean Patrick just recently wrote a small piece for I Hate Critics ranking the past 29 Oscar winners after being inspired by 1984’s Best Picture winner Amadeus.  I figured I should do the same, as my list is going to be more fan-based than critic-based, and I’ve even seen 26 of them.  (Those with asterisks I have not seen)  What do you think?  What’s your favorite off this list, and what do you think should win this year’s Best Picture?  This year, I’d say my #1 contender is definitely Gone Girl, followed closely by Enemy and Wish I Was Here.  *Updated to include A Beautiful Mind.
*30: Out of Africa
*29: The Last Emperor
*28: The Artist
27: Forrest Gump
26: Crash
25: Chicago
24: The English Patient
23: Gladiator
22: American Beauty
21: Titanic
20: Million Dollar Baby
19: Driving Miss Daisy
18: A Beautiful Mind
17: The King’s Speech
16: 12 Years a Slave
15: Platoon
14: Rain Man
13: Slumdog Millionaire
12: The Hurt Locker
11: Schindler’s List
10: Amadeus
9: Argo
8: No Country For Old Men
7: Braveheart
6: Dances With Wolves
5: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
4: The Silence of the Lambs
3: The Departed
2: Unforgiven
1: Shakespeare In Love



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